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India-A Love Story

India-A Love Story

In the story the young and travaled Indian executive from a cast of merchant Raj, divided between Western and Eastern values, and Maya, a modern, studied and working Indian girl from the same caste who has always believed that she will choose her own husband.

Raj is in love with Duda, a modern and independent Brazillian girl who suffers with prejudice of Raj's family. Maya is in love with Bahuan, an impetuous and well educated Indian dalit whose lack of caste turns him into a social pariah. Bahuan can not forget the humiliation he lived in his childhood for being considered impure for Hindu society. Bound by their tradition, Raj and Maya are forced to deny these loves, considered forbidden.

Hence Raj and Maya stories collide: their families negotiate their marriage and they are forced to leave their impossible loves behind.

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Burden of Guilt(Mi Pecado):

Paulino Cordoba who is Lucrecia's father, Gabino Roura who is Carmelo's father, Rodolfo Huerta who is Julian father, and Matias Quiroga who is the town priest have been friends since their childhood; however as adults, their priorities changes sins threatens to destroy their friendship.

Paulino is the owner of hacienda El Milagro, which grows and sells apples and he is married to Rosario and they got two children Lucrecia and Cesar. Rosario has always shown preference for her son Cesar and rejections towards her daughter Lucrecia. Rosario's servant Delfina essentially raises Lucrecia along her own son Manuel, and they grew up together like siblings.

Gabino who is clever and very ambitious kills his own wife Ines, in order to seize her fortune. Gabino manipulates everyone around him, his friends, children (Carmelo and Teresa). He is the owner of the best farming lands and rents them to Paulino in order to control; the distribution and the marketing of the apples.
Rodolfo is the teacher in the San Pedro town, he is upstanding and hard working man married to Justina, who is a sensual woman and dissatisfied with her husband's simple life. They have two sons Julian and Josue. It is Justina who detonates the serious conflicts that threaten the friendship between Paulino, Gabino, and Rodolfo.
Unfortunately, Lucrecia and Julian were involved in an accident that costs Cesar's life, although they are both innocent, Rosalio believes they were responsible. Depression seizes Rosario, who always merely tolerated her daughter's presence. Rosario's resentment forces Paulino to send their daughter away and to distance himself from Rodolfo Huerta family.

Years later, Lucrecia and Julian comes across one another and their love blooms once more. Although their parents are in opposition, Julian and Lucrecia are prepared to fight for their love and they count on the support from Delfina, Modesto(Delfina's husband) and Manuel(who in spite for his to love to Lucrecia, he is doing all he can to make her happy by helping her). Lucrecia doesn't return to San Pedro alone, but accompanied by her cousin Renata an envious girl who plans to seize everything that is Lucrecia's.

Paulino suffers economic crisis and Gabino demands Lucrecia's hands for marriage. Though jealous Carmelo steps in and kills his own father and accuse Julian for the murder of his father.
Lucrecia is forced to marry Carmelo to save her father from financial ruin and Julian from jail.
Julian leaves San Pedro thinking that Lucrecia has betrayed him.
Three years pass, Lucrecia lives drowning as Carmelo's wife. She has also lost the hacienda El Milagro. In San Pedro, everyone is talking about the arrival of an outsider who has bought Los Alamos and Lucrecia finds out that the outsider is none other than Jualin Huarta who is now engaged to his ex-girlfriend Lorena Mondizabal.
Carmelo also finds out that Jualian is in town and a war unleashes between them because of Lucrecia's love.
Julian plans to leave Lorena but she lies to him that she is pregnant with his child. Meanwhile, Lucrecia gives Carmelo divorce papers and he responds by ripping up the divorce papers and raping Lucrecia. Lucrecia returns to her, struggling with the rape and telling no one but Delfina.
Carmelo got furious, after the judge approves Lucrecia's request for divorce and takes revenge by burning down the warehouse full of apples that Paulino owns; Paulino accidentally is trapped in the warehouse and dies from smoke inhalation. At his funeral, Lucrecia faints and discovers that she is pregnant but doesn't know who the father is. Rosario finds out that Lucrecia was raped, for once takes her daughter's side; though when she finds out she is pregnant, she urges her to have an abortion. Carmelo on the run from police kidnap Lucrecia but Julian saves her.
Renata is shot by accident and dies on the way to hospital. After returning home, Lucrecia confronts her mother about the hatred which she has always been showing to her, and finally Rosario admits her secret. Lucrecia is not only Rosario's daughter but also Rosario sister, because she was raped by her father and become pregnant and the daughter was Lucrecia.
Lucrecia receives a letter in the mail that her divorce with Carmelo has been finalised, then few days later she goes to the church for her wedding with Julian.Rosario watches Lucrecia and Julian wedding from afar.
Time passes and Lucrecia gives birth to a son and called him Cesar in memory of her brother.Lucrecia leaves her son with Rosario so that they can know each other. When she returns she doesn't see them and assumes for the worse. However, Rosario left the baby in Lucrecia's brother room and goes to the river where her son died, then committed suicide by drowning herself.
Three years later, Lucrecia stands by the river and throw two white roses into the river; one for her brother and the other for her mother.
Her family, husband Julian and son comes join her there by the river.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kingdom of Wind

THE KINGDOM OF WIND: The Kingdom of wind is a drama about the life of the htird King of Goguryeo, King Muhyul(Daemusin) who was called the God of Wars. The drama depicted Muhyul as a person who was born with a curse to kill his parents, siblings, son and destroy his own country. His father King Yuri afraid from this prophecy, and still could not kill his own son. Ordered his elder son(prince Hae-myeong) to take the baby Muhyul outside the palace to live as a commoner. So Hae-myeong takes Muhyul to his friend, who was the Chief Decorator. The Chied Decorator Hye Ap who works in Jumong's grave which is in the caves.
Twenty years later, Muhyul has grown up still not knowing his true identity.
In attempt to kill King Daeso of Buyeo, the Crown prince Hae-myeong ended up dying while trying to help his father King Yuri. But Muhyul thought that the Crown Prince died bacause his father, King Yuri let him die so that he could save himself from King Daeso. He promise to revenge the death of the Crown Prince Hae-myeong by killing King Yuri.
So he join forces with the Black Shadows secrety army of Buyeo, where he meets Dojin. An assassin in that army who was once a Prince of Buyeo. He also meets Yeon, a Buyeo Princesss who is a physician. Dojin who was raised with Yeon since they were children noticed the growing feeling between Muhyul and Yeon, so he holds grudge towards Muhyul.

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The Hidden Passion

Hidden Passion is the story based on the three brother's(the Reyes brothers), Juan , Oscar ,and Franco. Who are honest, good hearted men untill the day they were betrayed and decided to take revange. Though, their plan takes a different direction when they fall in love with the three sisters from Elizondo family, Norma, Jimena, and Sarita.

Don't mess with An Angel

Don't mess with An Angel
When Marichuy was born, her mother believing she was dying, entrusted her baby to the priest. Who took her to the orphanage, by the age of 14, Marichuy ran away from the orphanage and begins to live in the streets. One day she was attached by the drunker who happened to leave a mark in Marichuy's life, this experience leave her with deep resentment against men, as well as nightmares.
Candelaria, a washer woman, takes her in and she treats her like her own daughter. Marichuy does odd jobs helping Candelaria.
One day she had some trouble that lands her to court, where by her own father happens to be the judge(though neither of them is aware of it). She is being defended by the psychoanalyst Juan Miguel San Roman.
Marichuy is released into Juan Miguel's custody and he took her to stay in his house. Juan Miguel is a widower. His mother in law makes Marichuy feel totally unwelcome, and to avoid problems, as well as his tempatations towards Marichuy. So Juan Miguel finds a new home for Marichuy. Which happened to be judge's home(Marichuy's real parents house). Judge Patricio Velarde and his wife Cecilia, who has taken in Estefania thinking she was their lost daughter, though Estefania knew she wasn't.
Juan Miguel and Marichuy fall in love and get married. However, the morning after the wedding, Marichuy discovers something about Juan Miguel past. A secret that makes her to leave him and refuse to see him ever again.
Later she finds out that she is pregnant, and she decided not to tell him. Instead she leaves the city with Candelaria and ends up at hacienda of a man called "El Leopard"(the leopard) who falls in love with her. Marichuy gives birth and El Leopard is willing to marry her and give the child his name. But Marichuy was not in love so she no to him. But El Leopard doesn't give up, slowly he begins to win Marichuy's heart. Later on he learns that Marichuy's husband was Juan Miguel who was his classmate.
So Juan Miguel and El Leopard became rivals for Marichuy's love, but the decision was Marichuy's.
Here we go for the new updates:
Marichuy's friend Anajulia, the one who was helping her when she use to work in theaters begins to have evil itentions towards Marichuy because of her jealous and she was also attracted to Juan Miguel. She didi everything to make Marichuy hate Juan Miguel, it real worked because there was a time Marichuy was even thinking to revenge on Juan Miguel,thanks to Candelaria who was one of the few people know what kind of a snake Anajulia is.
Bad luck Marichuy develops a tumor in her head nad she was supposed to have surgery, but her father who has always been stuborn doesn't want her daughter to be operated with Juan Miguel who happens to be the best surgeon in Mexico.
But when he finds out that Marichuy is about to die, he comes to his senses and agreed. Anajulia tries to stop Juan Miguel but it didn't work out.
She then plans to drug Juan Miguel, and later claims that she and Juan Miguel had sexual intercourse.
Anajulia declares that she is pregnant and the father is Juan Miguel, though it was not true bacause the father of her unborn child is Amador.
When Juan Miguel finish the operation, Vicente returns and helped Amador to kidnap Raphael. When everyone knew about the kidnapping, Marichuy refuses to take off the bandages from her eyes until she knew that Raphael is back and safe. Juan Miguel calls Raphael's father and told him about Marichuy, while Vincete calls the Velarde's asking for ransom. Juan Miguel recognise Vicente's voice. Raphael's father give them the money, and he got back Raphael safe and sound.
Marichuy sees one again but refuses Juan Miguel. For the second time she plans to run away with her son, and help others in the world that need her along with the man who is so deep in love with her. Juan Miguel tries to tell her that they can be togather again but she doesn't listen.
Time went by, until Amador decides to tell the truth about Anajulia's pregnant. Anajulia and Vincente come to stop Amador from telling the truth but they were a little too late, Anajulia loses her temper and tries to take a gun from Amador and this led to Vincete's death who was shot accidentally. Marichuy decides to call Juan Miguel for help, it was too late because Vincete didn't make it. Amador ended up in jail where he belongs, while Marichuy get back together with Juan Miguel.
Marichuy admits that she wants to be Juan Miguel wife again, he agrees and they start to plan for their wedding. On the day of their wedding, Marichuy enters the church before anyone else to thank God. While in the church she receives a letter from Juan Miguel who seems to have a surprise for her. But Marichuy discovers it was Anajulia doings, who then knocks her out. Anajulia leaves a letter saying that if Juan Miguel's love is not for her then it wont for Marichuy either. Anajulia takes Marichuy to the same place where Amador held Raphael as a hostage, and put it in fire. So as to kill herself, her unborn child and Marichuy.
Suddenly, Anajulia goes through labor pain, Marichuy decides to help her. Despite that Anajulia told her to leave her, she succeeded to get out with Anajulia and then delivers Anajulia's child. Anajulia dies immediately after delivering due to too much smoke in her lungs, but before that she apologise to Marichuy for all the bad things she has ever done to her.
Juan Miguel think Marichuy is dead after seeing the flames. Then Marichuy comes from the back of the building, in her arms holding Anajulia's baby. After that they both decide to give the kid to Purita and Adrian.
Finally, Marichuy and Juan Miguel get married again and they spend their honeymoon with Mayita and Juanito.
The show ends with the new family, all dressed in white playing in beach.

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Shades of Sin

Shades Of Sin:

Twin brothers are separated in childhood and they grow up with out knowing each other. As adults they suffer an accident in the same place at the same time. One disappear in the ocean and the other decides to assume his identity. Years later as he finds out ha has a son and that the woman he loves did not cheat on him,he decides to raclaim his true identity.
Coming soon... on ITV

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Jumong-Prince of the Legend

Jumong-Prince of the Legend
Gojosean has fallen to the Han Empire of China. All that is left are separate city-states that have no choise but to appease the Han Empire. In this series, the Han are potrayed as cruel, taking refugees prisoner and demonstrating their new iron weapons. You real need to wach this before anyone else tells you about it, its drama that is very touchable. Because it has what your great great grand parents went throw those times, it has actions and romantic scenes.

You can watch it at ITV every Thursday and Friday at 11:00 pm.
In 180 B.C., after enjoying it's golden age for 2100 years, the Gochosun Kingdom finally falls as the result of a year-long term war with the Han Empire.The Eperor of the Han Dynasty divides the territory that previously belonged to Gochosun into four different administrative districts(Nak Rang,Jin Beon,Im Doon and Hyeon To) and deploys his military. People of Gochosun strongly stand against the Han Dynasty. Hae Mo Soo is the central figure of the resistance.
The King of Bu Yeo(puyo) is very pleased with the fact that people of Gochosun are settled in Bu Yeo with the help of Hae Mo Soo. However,he's deeply concerned when Bu Deuk Bools tells him that protecting people might invite the emperor's anger.
Meanwhile, Yeo Mi Eul, oracle of Bu Yeo,sees a three-legged crow appear in the sun.She knows that the two legs represent Hae Bu Roo and Geum Wa(Kumwa) but she isn't sure who the other person is.
The governor-general of Hyeon To(Xuantu) calls a meeting for all the tribal chiefs. Kumwa goes to the meeting in place of his father. There,he meets Yu-Hwa. The governal-general warns that whoever harbors Hae Mo Soo will be severely punished. He kills innocent Gochosun refuges in front of the tribal chiefs. Kumwa gets enraged,but for the fear of future troubles, he can not do anything. All of a sudden,Yu-Hwa comes in and calls out to the governor-general to stop.

Accused of harboring Hae Mo Soo, everyone in Yu Hwa's tribe member's gets killed except her.However Hae Mo Soo manages to sneak away. He happens to meet Yeon Ta Bal(Yuntabal) and his group. He's shocked to hear that the whole tribe was murdered because of him. Yuntabal soon realises that the man who seems very shocked about the news is Hae Mo Soo. In order to turn him in, he hires Hae Mo Soo as his help. Later someone attacks Yuntabal and his group but Hae Mo Soo helps them escape the danger. That night Kumwa rescues Yu Hwa and runs away with her. She tells him that Hae Mo Soo is still alive.
Meanwhile, Yuntabal' wife gives birth to a baby girl. Yuntabal names her So Seo No(Sosuhno). He pledges that he'll raise his daughter stronger and wiser than other man in the world.

Kumwa hears from Bu Deuk Bool that his father lured Hae Mo Soo into a trap. He is devastated. He plans to helps Hae Mo Soo to escape. With the help of Kumwa and his soldiers,Hae Mo Soo manages to escapes. However,Kumwa insists that she stay and raise Jumong in Puyo. In order to protect the baby,whose father is Hae Mo Soo. Kumwa decides to raise him as his own son.
Meanwhile,Yeo Mi Eul has a vision that the three-legged crow in the Sun flew away.She believes that it's an ominous sign.She tells Bu Deak Bool about the omen.He suddenly realises that Yu-Hwa's baby might be the son of Hae Mo Soo.He orders Jeok Chi to kill the baby.Yu Hwa becomes aware of the danger and flees with the baby.Soon, she's caught by the Han souldiers. Jeok Chi shows up and gets rid of the Han souldiers.However,he tells Yu Hwa that it was the king of Puyo who wanted Hae Mo Soo dead.He's about to kill Yu Hwa and Jumong.
So Yu Hwa decided to go after the offer of Kumwa.
Twenty years later...
King Kumwa's continuous conquest almost doubles Puyo's territory.

King Kumwa realises that Jumong didn't attend Young Go Je(a ritual when people celebbrate the harvest and thank God). He's very disappointed with Jumong. He orders Jumong to receive twenty lashes. However Dae So(Taeso) asks the King to reduce the punishment. Saying that the following day Jumong and he,are supposed to go looking for Dae Mool Hwal(a legend bow that the founder of Puyo always carried with him).Kumwa grants Taeso's repuest.
Jumong promises himself that he won't do anything inappropriate.He also promises that he'll never disappoint his mother. Taeso, Young Po and Jumong leave the palace to look for Dae Mool Hwal.They made Jumong lead the way.
While passing foggy mountain paths, Jumong gets separated with his brothers and get lost.He tried to look for them,but he gets stuck in a swamp. Sosuhno and her group pass by and help Jumong. Jumong is surprised that the leader of the group is a woman.He's very impressed by her beauty and leadership.
Meanwhile Taeso and Young Po arrives at Founder' mountain.They found an old poem on the map indicating of Dae Mool Hwal. However they can't figure out the meaning of the poem.After dark, they managed to understand the meaning and rush to the cave where Dae Mool Hwal is located.

Taeso is surprised to see Jumong alive.He orders Young Po to keep an eye on every Jumong's move.Yu Hwa tells Jumong that he should become the king of Puyo and accomplish very important task.She introduces Moo Song,a master of martial arts to Jumong. Seeing Jumong's baby like soft hands, Moo Song tells Jumong climb up and down the mountain.Jumong gets impatient and annoyed because Moo Song only makes him climbing up the mountain instead of teaching him real martial arts.One day when he confronts his master, Moo Song takes him to a prison cell located inside the dark carve.
Jumong finally starts learning the basic of martial arts.His skills improves every day.
King Kumwa hears they successfully made a new weapon from irony.Excited by the news Bo Deuk Bool and the king go to see the new weapon.When they are about to taste the new weapon,Taeso volunteers.Suggesting he should test with Jumong the new weapon.Hesitant at first,Jumong agrees to fight with him.
Meanwhile,Sosuhno and the group of merchants came back to Jol Bon from Ok Jeo.Yuntabal is very happy with his daughters succeesful deal.