Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kingdom of Wind

THE KINGDOM OF WIND: The Kingdom of wind is a drama about the life of the htird King of Goguryeo, King Muhyul(Daemusin) who was called the God of Wars. The drama depicted Muhyul as a person who was born with a curse to kill his parents, siblings, son and destroy his own country. His father King Yuri afraid from this prophecy, and still could not kill his own son. Ordered his elder son(prince Hae-myeong) to take the baby Muhyul outside the palace to live as a commoner. So Hae-myeong takes Muhyul to his friend, who was the Chief Decorator. The Chied Decorator Hye Ap who works in Jumong's grave which is in the caves.
Twenty years later, Muhyul has grown up still not knowing his true identity.
In attempt to kill King Daeso of Buyeo, the Crown prince Hae-myeong ended up dying while trying to help his father King Yuri. But Muhyul thought that the Crown Prince died bacause his father, King Yuri let him die so that he could save himself from King Daeso. He promise to revenge the death of the Crown Prince Hae-myeong by killing King Yuri.
So he join forces with the Black Shadows secrety army of Buyeo, where he meets Dojin. An assassin in that army who was once a Prince of Buyeo. He also meets Yeon, a Buyeo Princesss who is a physician. Dojin who was raised with Yeon since they were children noticed the growing feeling between Muhyul and Yeon, so he holds grudge towards Muhyul.

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