Thursday, February 24, 2011

India-A Love Story

India-A Love Story

In the story the young and travaled Indian executive from a cast of merchant Raj, divided between Western and Eastern values, and Maya, a modern, studied and working Indian girl from the same caste who has always believed that she will choose her own husband.

Raj is in love with Duda, a modern and independent Brazillian girl who suffers with prejudice of Raj's family. Maya is in love with Bahuan, an impetuous and well educated Indian dalit whose lack of caste turns him into a social pariah. Bahuan can not forget the humiliation he lived in his childhood for being considered impure for Hindu society. Bound by their tradition, Raj and Maya are forced to deny these loves, considered forbidden.

Hence Raj and Maya stories collide: their families negotiate their marriage and they are forced to leave their impossible loves behind.

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Burden of Guilt(Mi Pecado):

Paulino Cordoba who is Lucrecia's father, Gabino Roura who is Carmelo's father, Rodolfo Huerta who is Julian father, and Matias Quiroga who is the town priest have been friends since their childhood; however as adults, their priorities changes sins threatens to destroy their friendship.

Paulino is the owner of hacienda El Milagro, which grows and sells apples and he is married to Rosario and they got two children Lucrecia and Cesar. Rosario has always shown preference for her son Cesar and rejections towards her daughter Lucrecia. Rosario's servant Delfina essentially raises Lucrecia along her own son Manuel, and they grew up together like siblings.

Gabino who is clever and very ambitious kills his own wife Ines, in order to seize her fortune. Gabino manipulates everyone around him, his friends, children (Carmelo and Teresa). He is the owner of the best farming lands and rents them to Paulino in order to control; the distribution and the marketing of the apples.
Rodolfo is the teacher in the San Pedro town, he is upstanding and hard working man married to Justina, who is a sensual woman and dissatisfied with her husband's simple life. They have two sons Julian and Josue. It is Justina who detonates the serious conflicts that threaten the friendship between Paulino, Gabino, and Rodolfo.
Unfortunately, Lucrecia and Julian were involved in an accident that costs Cesar's life, although they are both innocent, Rosalio believes they were responsible. Depression seizes Rosario, who always merely tolerated her daughter's presence. Rosario's resentment forces Paulino to send their daughter away and to distance himself from Rodolfo Huerta family.

Years later, Lucrecia and Julian comes across one another and their love blooms once more. Although their parents are in opposition, Julian and Lucrecia are prepared to fight for their love and they count on the support from Delfina, Modesto(Delfina's husband) and Manuel(who in spite for his to love to Lucrecia, he is doing all he can to make her happy by helping her). Lucrecia doesn't return to San Pedro alone, but accompanied by her cousin Renata an envious girl who plans to seize everything that is Lucrecia's.

Paulino suffers economic crisis and Gabino demands Lucrecia's hands for marriage. Though jealous Carmelo steps in and kills his own father and accuse Julian for the murder of his father.
Lucrecia is forced to marry Carmelo to save her father from financial ruin and Julian from jail.
Julian leaves San Pedro thinking that Lucrecia has betrayed him.
Three years pass, Lucrecia lives drowning as Carmelo's wife. She has also lost the hacienda El Milagro. In San Pedro, everyone is talking about the arrival of an outsider who has bought Los Alamos and Lucrecia finds out that the outsider is none other than Jualin Huarta who is now engaged to his ex-girlfriend Lorena Mondizabal.
Carmelo also finds out that Jualian is in town and a war unleashes between them because of Lucrecia's love.
Julian plans to leave Lorena but she lies to him that she is pregnant with his child. Meanwhile, Lucrecia gives Carmelo divorce papers and he responds by ripping up the divorce papers and raping Lucrecia. Lucrecia returns to her, struggling with the rape and telling no one but Delfina.
Carmelo got furious, after the judge approves Lucrecia's request for divorce and takes revenge by burning down the warehouse full of apples that Paulino owns; Paulino accidentally is trapped in the warehouse and dies from smoke inhalation. At his funeral, Lucrecia faints and discovers that she is pregnant but doesn't know who the father is. Rosario finds out that Lucrecia was raped, for once takes her daughter's side; though when she finds out she is pregnant, she urges her to have an abortion. Carmelo on the run from police kidnap Lucrecia but Julian saves her.
Renata is shot by accident and dies on the way to hospital. After returning home, Lucrecia confronts her mother about the hatred which she has always been showing to her, and finally Rosario admits her secret. Lucrecia is not only Rosario's daughter but also Rosario sister, because she was raped by her father and become pregnant and the daughter was Lucrecia.
Lucrecia receives a letter in the mail that her divorce with Carmelo has been finalised, then few days later she goes to the church for her wedding with Julian.Rosario watches Lucrecia and Julian wedding from afar.
Time passes and Lucrecia gives birth to a son and called him Cesar in memory of her brother.Lucrecia leaves her son with Rosario so that they can know each other. When she returns she doesn't see them and assumes for the worse. However, Rosario left the baby in Lucrecia's brother room and goes to the river where her son died, then committed suicide by drowning herself.
Three years later, Lucrecia stands by the river and throw two white roses into the river; one for her brother and the other for her mother.
Her family, husband Julian and son comes join her there by the river.