Episodes:Kingdom of Wind

Episode 1:
King Yuri's reign in the kingdom of Goguryeo, is out at the frontier war. The chief of each clan in the land in his kingdom plan a treason and one of his generals stabs him with a knife.
Back at Gungnae Fortress where king Yuri resides, the Queen is going through a difficult labour. Giving birth to King's third child. King Yuri already has a son(prince Hae-myeong) and a daughter(princess Seryu).
King Yuri decides to forgive the chieftains on what they did but comanding a first born son of each chief to be brought to him and be raised in the palace so as to prevent another treason.
The Queen gives birth to a health baby boy.

The Sorceress kidnaps the baby prince and went with him to the shrine. She plans to kill the baby as he would destructive to the Kingdom of Goguryeo. She predicts that the baby will kill his own father and mother and bring devastation to the land.
King Yuri finds his son with the sorceress, and he was told about the prophecy. The sorceress asks the King to kill his own son, but the couldn't do it. Seeing that the King couldn't do it, the sorceress decides to kill herself.

Episode 2:
Sangga the head of Biryu clan derives a plan, they poisened the farm animals and make it look like the new born baby prince is a bad omen to the Kingdom of Goguryeo.
Bad luck, the Queen gets sick and then died.
The King is haunted by the sorceress prophecy, about the newborn prince and decides to sacrifise his own son. When the crown prince heard about it, strongly refuses about the King's decision and he was put behind bars. The little princess Seryu visits her little brother and promise to take care of him. While she was still there the King came and told that , her little brother will be taken away. The princess gave her little brother a necklace. So that when he grows up, she'll be able to recognise him.
                                                       Princess Siryu with her brother.
                                           The prince with his necklace from his sister.
The King still could not go with aplan of killing his own son, he made a plan making everyone believe that he killed his son. Later he releases the Crown Prince and give him the baby. Giving him instruction to take the child to Jolbon where he will be raised as a commoner. From that night he was given another name Muhyul, meaning he no longer have a beating heart or blood running in his veins.
Prince Hae-myoeng bring the baby to his friend Cheif Decorator Hye ap and asks her to raise the baby.
Muhyul was raised by Hye ap and grew up painting murals in a cave.
The cave is sacred tomb of His Majesty Emperor Jumong.


Episode 3:
King Daeso of Buyeo, a neighbouring nation sends his Black shadows(special army) to hunt down the Heavenly Sword which is kept in the late Emperor Jumong's tomb. They find the Chief Decorator Hye ap and threatens to kill her if she wont lead them into the tomb.

Muhyul enters in order to save Hye Ap, no one who ever entered has come out alive. But Muhyul succeeded to get the magic sword and come out alive.
Meanwhile Prince Hae-myeong and his men arrives to rescue the Chief Decorator.
King Daeso declared war upon Goguryeo after hearing that his Black shadow were killed and still could not get the magic sword.
After the death of the Queen, King Yuri keeps company with Lady Miyu who had a son, prince Yeojin who much prefers craft ornaments in the royal workshop rather than practise swordmanship. Yeojin took the sword that he wa given with his father(king Yuri) to the workshop, melted it and made ornaments out of it.
                                                 King Yuri, Prince Yeojin and Lady Miyu.
Lady Miyu has ambitions that her son would be King Yuri's successor, thinking that Prince Hae-myeong will get killed while fighting in the fore front protecting Goguryeo.
Hye Ap asks the crown prince the true identity of Muhyul. She sensed that Muhyul was not a commoner because he was able to get into the tomb and get the Heavenly sword with out a scratch.
Hye Ap tells Prince Hae-myeong that she can no longer keep Muhyul because he was so eager to see the world.
                                          Muhyul with his friend Maro leave Hye Ap's care.
Muhyul and Maro leave their jobs as decorator of the cave and join the Jolbon soldiers. Muhyul is anxious to learn how to fight and defeat one of the best fighter of Goguryeo(their trainer,his name is Gweyu).
Much to Prince Hae-myeong surprise, he finds out that Baeguek(the adopted son of scheming chief Sangga has been apointed as Ubo(the high ranking officer who has control of military resources) by King Yuri.
King Daeso assumes he is the ruler of the Northern territory and summons King Yuri to Buyeo. Aftre delibarating with his officials and wanting to prevent war. King Yuri obliges and agrees to call Buyeo a brother nation and more over bows to Daeso. King Daeso is happy to hear those words from Jumong's son.