EPISODES:The Hidden Passion

Episode 1:
It's much about the Reyes family; Juan, Oscar, Franco, and their little sister Libia. They left their country and settled at small town, where they started a bakery.
Libia falls in love with a very wealth and a powerful man in that town, who was old enough to be her father, Mr. Bernando Elizondo. Mr. Bernando who was married and had his family was also in love with Libia. But he never mentioned it to Libia, worrying that if he tells her the truth she will leave him for good.
Her brother's were against the relationship. But they couldn't go on opposing it when they realise that their little sister is pregnant. While Mr. Bernando was ready to do anything for Libia, even leaving his family for her. He even bought a house, ready to move in with her.
Problems starts when Mr. Bernando died on sudden death when he had an accident.
Libia was very shocked and went to the Elizondo family, without knowing he was married. But when she gets there she met Mrs. Elizondo, Gabriela Elizondo the cruel and heartless wife of Mr. Bernando. Who humiliated her in front of tge whole family of Elizondo. It real hurted Libia, so she decided to commit suicide.
The Reyes brother's decided to take revenge to Elizondo's family on their sister's death. They went there disguised as workers with the help of Eva, the head of servants in Elizondo's residence.