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Jumong-Prince of the Legend

Jumong-Prince of the Legend
Gojosean has fallen to the Han Empire of China. All that is left are separate city-states that have no choise but to appease the Han Empire. In this series, the Han are potrayed as cruel, taking refugees prisoner and demonstrating their new iron weapons. You real need to wach this before anyone else tells you about it, its drama that is very touchable. Because it has what your great great grand parents went throw those times, it has actions and romantic scenes.

You can watch it at ITV every Thursday and Friday at 11:00 pm.
In 180 B.C., after enjoying it's golden age for 2100 years, the Gochosun Kingdom finally falls as the result of a year-long term war with the Han Empire.The Eperor of the Han Dynasty divides the territory that previously belonged to Gochosun into four different administrative districts(Nak Rang,Jin Beon,Im Doon and Hyeon To) and deploys his military. People of Gochosun strongly stand against the Han Dynasty. Hae Mo Soo is the central figure of the resistance.
The King of Bu Yeo(puyo) is very pleased with the fact that people of Gochosun are settled in Bu Yeo with the help of Hae Mo Soo. However,he's deeply concerned when Bu Deuk Bools tells him that protecting people might invite the emperor's anger.
Meanwhile, Yeo Mi Eul, oracle of Bu Yeo,sees a three-legged crow appear in the sun.She knows that the two legs represent Hae Bu Roo and Geum Wa(Kumwa) but she isn't sure who the other person is.
The governor-general of Hyeon To(Xuantu) calls a meeting for all the tribal chiefs. Kumwa goes to the meeting in place of his father. There,he meets Yu-Hwa. The governal-general warns that whoever harbors Hae Mo Soo will be severely punished. He kills innocent Gochosun refuges in front of the tribal chiefs. Kumwa gets enraged,but for the fear of future troubles, he can not do anything. All of a sudden,Yu-Hwa comes in and calls out to the governor-general to stop.

Accused of harboring Hae Mo Soo, everyone in Yu Hwa's tribe member's gets killed except her.However Hae Mo Soo manages to sneak away. He happens to meet Yeon Ta Bal(Yuntabal) and his group. He's shocked to hear that the whole tribe was murdered because of him. Yuntabal soon realises that the man who seems very shocked about the news is Hae Mo Soo. In order to turn him in, he hires Hae Mo Soo as his help. Later someone attacks Yuntabal and his group but Hae Mo Soo helps them escape the danger. That night Kumwa rescues Yu Hwa and runs away with her. She tells him that Hae Mo Soo is still alive.
Meanwhile, Yuntabal' wife gives birth to a baby girl. Yuntabal names her So Seo No(Sosuhno). He pledges that he'll raise his daughter stronger and wiser than other man in the world.

Kumwa hears from Bu Deuk Bool that his father lured Hae Mo Soo into a trap. He is devastated. He plans to helps Hae Mo Soo to escape. With the help of Kumwa and his soldiers,Hae Mo Soo manages to escapes. However,Kumwa insists that she stay and raise Jumong in Puyo. In order to protect the baby,whose father is Hae Mo Soo. Kumwa decides to raise him as his own son.
Meanwhile,Yeo Mi Eul has a vision that the three-legged crow in the Sun flew away.She believes that it's an ominous sign.She tells Bu Deak Bool about the omen.He suddenly realises that Yu-Hwa's baby might be the son of Hae Mo Soo.He orders Jeok Chi to kill the baby.Yu Hwa becomes aware of the danger and flees with the baby.Soon, she's caught by the Han souldiers. Jeok Chi shows up and gets rid of the Han souldiers.However,he tells Yu Hwa that it was the king of Puyo who wanted Hae Mo Soo dead.He's about to kill Yu Hwa and Jumong.
So Yu Hwa decided to go after the offer of Kumwa.
Twenty years later...
King Kumwa's continuous conquest almost doubles Puyo's territory.

King Kumwa realises that Jumong didn't attend Young Go Je(a ritual when people celebbrate the harvest and thank God). He's very disappointed with Jumong. He orders Jumong to receive twenty lashes. However Dae So(Taeso) asks the King to reduce the punishment. Saying that the following day Jumong and he,are supposed to go looking for Dae Mool Hwal(a legend bow that the founder of Puyo always carried with him).Kumwa grants Taeso's repuest.
Jumong promises himself that he won't do anything inappropriate.He also promises that he'll never disappoint his mother. Taeso, Young Po and Jumong leave the palace to look for Dae Mool Hwal.They made Jumong lead the way.
While passing foggy mountain paths, Jumong gets separated with his brothers and get lost.He tried to look for them,but he gets stuck in a swamp. Sosuhno and her group pass by and help Jumong. Jumong is surprised that the leader of the group is a woman.He's very impressed by her beauty and leadership.
Meanwhile Taeso and Young Po arrives at Founder' mountain.They found an old poem on the map indicating of Dae Mool Hwal. However they can't figure out the meaning of the poem.After dark, they managed to understand the meaning and rush to the cave where Dae Mool Hwal is located.

Taeso is surprised to see Jumong alive.He orders Young Po to keep an eye on every Jumong's move.Yu Hwa tells Jumong that he should become the king of Puyo and accomplish very important task.She introduces Moo Song,a master of martial arts to Jumong. Seeing Jumong's baby like soft hands, Moo Song tells Jumong climb up and down the mountain.Jumong gets impatient and annoyed because Moo Song only makes him climbing up the mountain instead of teaching him real martial arts.One day when he confronts his master, Moo Song takes him to a prison cell located inside the dark carve.
Jumong finally starts learning the basic of martial arts.His skills improves every day.
King Kumwa hears they successfully made a new weapon from irony.Excited by the news Bo Deuk Bool and the king go to see the new weapon.When they are about to taste the new weapon,Taeso volunteers.Suggesting he should test with Jumong the new weapon.Hesitant at first,Jumong agrees to fight with him.
Meanwhile,Sosuhno and the group of merchants came back to Jol Bon from Ok Jeo.Yuntabal is very happy with his daughters succeesful deal.